Friday, May 16, 2014

About MoodCreative

Twitter at @MoodCreativeAU
skype: ariel-riveros

World-First peer led neuroplasticity arts, education and training.
Classes, seminars, corporate and community consultations. 

Ariel Riveros Pavez is a Peer Health Professional. Member of PHAA
Qualified by experience - trauma informed. Gold standard MHCC Australia.

Nationally and internationally published writer.
Art event organiser and qualitative researcher in the field.

Expertise on bipolar, schizophrenia, schizotypy trauma reversal and immigrant experience.
Experience in smoking cessation ("Smooth the Difference")
Commencing from a you-centred health approach.
Open dialogue influenced. SE HABLA ESPAƑOL.

Personalised peer support available with social exercise and arts focus - or solid four-pillar neuroplasticity training for sufferers who prefer structure, positive habit formation and unwiring negative habits. Creative angle specialty because what's lost in the trauma and medication is creativity, personal networks, desire and sensory skills.

Full time artists can create and perform along the journey. We are partnered with the boutique Elastic Sidewalk Creative event agency.

When medication doesn't work.
When the drugs don't work.
When the meds are potentially fatal.

Run with peers, by peers, for peers.

Contact us - peer led recovery via neuroplasticity
Based in Sydney, Australia.

Our success is when you can do it on your own
We help you get there  - for your world, you.
ABN 91 060 809 644

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